Walmart 2012 Annual Shareholders Meeting on Friday

by admin | Thursday, May 31, 2012 -- 6:01 pm

The Walmart 2012 Annual Shareholder Meeting is tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM at Bud Walton Arena in Fayetteville. We’ve been told that Fergie was in Bentonville today, but we don’t know for sure who will be emceeing and entertaining.

Shareholders are required to bring an admittance slip, which  they should’ve received by mail. Otherwise, they can bring an account statement or other written proof of ownership of Walmart stock. A photo ID is also required for entry.

Walmart shareholders and associates from around the world have been enjoying the week in Northwest Arkansas in advance of the actual meeting on Friday.

On Tuesday night they were entertained by Carrie Underwood and Chris Young, followed by Aerosmith and Cheap Trick on Wednesday. They’ve been kept busy by tours of the Walmart Visitor Center and Crystal Bridges, visits to the Walmart Home Office and area Walmart Stores, as well as business meetings and training sessions.


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  1. Cathy Says:

    I Use to work for Walmart and enjoyed going to the Shareholders concert event every year. This year I am so disappointed in Walmart” I may not work there any more but I am a shareholder. I wasn’t even informed if there was a concert ticket available to me. Also,what’s this that the public wasnt even allowed in this year? Not only the public but I talked with a handful of associates from the local stores and they all said that the concert tickets went on sale hours before they were told to log on. When they went to buy their tickets they were all sold out. So little if none got tickets (the home office big shots and their friends got theirs!) What happened to Walmart? I think Sam Walton would be very disappointed that his associates that work their tail off for them didn’t get tickets. And the public who keep Walmart open and make it the biggest store in the world by shopping there, werent even invited at all. What happen Sam? Walmart isn’t for the people any more, it’s for the money and the power!

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