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The Magazine Antiques: Art and Capital at Crystal Bridges

Posted on 04 November 2011 by admin

Another great review of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art from The Magazine Antiques: 

People come from all over the country, not in droves, but surely in a respectable trickle, to see this haut lieu of American capitalism. But if Walmart, whose corporate head­quarters are still located in town, put Bentonville on the map, the family’s latest venture, a museum of American art that opens this month, may transform the place, virtually overnight, into one of the most important cultural centers in the nation.

At Crystal Bridges Alice Walton has embarked on what may well prove to be one of the most ambitious acts of cultural development in mod­ern times. She has sought to create, and she has succeeded in creating, perhaps the finest single collection of American art in the world, housed in a world class museum.