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This week I ventured to the Bentonville Square to have lunch with a friend at The Station Cafe, a locally owned favorite of mine that has been serving great homestyle cooking for over three decades. The Station Cafe is best known for it’s “steak burgers” which, as the name suggests, are ground from Angus steak.

When you first enter The Station Cafe you are directed towards the back, where a large menu covers the wall and the line begins for placing your order. The menu starts with several variations of the signature steak burger: with cheese or not, add bacon, double meet, extra cheese, or any combination thereof. Other options include deli style sandwiches, quesadillas, salads, homemade chili and soups, or daily specials such as Chicken Fried Steak or a Footlong Chili Dog.

steak burger at the station cafe in bentonville

Steak burger at The Station Cafe in Bentonville

On this occasion I choose to have the Steak burger Special ($8), which includes a burger, fries and a drink and my friend ordered the Footlong Chili Dog ala carte.

My meal arrived at our table in a paper lined basket with the fries positioned on the side. The steak burger is a 6 oz. patty on a toasted bun, and mine had all of the toppings, including lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion. The cooked patty is about a half-inch thick and very wide to fit the large bun. It has a very rich flavor that distinguishes it from burgers you might have at other restaurants or cook at home.

The fries were medium sized and cooked to what I consider to be fry perfection. They were hot upon delivery and very crisp, even after I had finished my burger.

My friend was pleasantly surprised with his Footlong Chili Dog, which arrived on a plate. The hotdog itself was oversized, both in length and diameter, and had a great flavor. The chili, which is homemade, was a nice compliment to hotdog and would obviously be very good alone. With a side of fries this would make a very good meal for two.

Menu prices at The Station Cafe are slightly higher than what you might expect for burgers or sandwiches, but the quality of the food matches the prices, which makes it a good value.  You can have a great meal with sides and a drink for under $10.

The Station is located just two doors down from the Walmart Visitors Center and just across the square from the Benton County Courthouse. It’s just a short drive from both the Walmart Home Office and Interstate 540, which makes it a great lunch location if you’re in the Bentonville area. Visit the in person at 111 N Main Street in Bentonville, or online at

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