Ron’s Hamburgers and Chili

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For over 30 years, Ron Baber has been satisfying hungry families with his old-fashioned hamburgers and famous chili. In that period of time, Ron’s Hamburgers and Chili has grown from one restaurant in Tulsa, to over 18 locations in Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Jumbo Cheeseburger (1/3 lb) with cheese, raw onions, lettuce, tomato and pickle.

Ron’s is one of my weekend favorites, a place I love to go for a late lunch on a Saturday or after church on Sunday.   I usually get started with a small order of Chili Cheese Tator Tots and ask for Jalapenos to be added on top.  All of the sides come in a small and large size, whether it’s “Spanish Fries” topped with Onion and Jalapenos, Fried Okra, or Homemade Cole Slaw.  A small is enough to satisfy two and makes a great appetizer to start off with.

For my meal, I usually order a Cheeseburger with all of the fixin’s, including mustard, pickles, raw onions (fried available), lettuce and tomato.  The burgers come in two sizes, 1/5 lb or 1/3 lb–they’re not the massive over-meaty burgers that seem to be in fashion now.  Ron’s strikes a nice balance between bun, meat and toppings.

Ron’s Hamburgers and Chili was awarded four stars by the International Chili Society and was voted “Best Hamburger and Chili by the Urban Tulsa Weekly.

Chili Cheese Hot Dog, small side of Chili Cheese Tator Tots, and 1/5 lb Burger in the background.

With convenient locations on 71b in Lowell and near the Post Office in Bentonville, there’s no excuse for Benton County residents to miss out on the Ron’s experience.

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